We’re in it for the long game

For over 100 years, the Salesmanship Club of Dallas has dedicated its efforts to support education and therapeutic programs for youth and their families in underserved areas of our community. Through the work of Momentous Institute powered by the Salesmanship Club, we believe that prioritizing education and social and emotional health will improve the ability of children to reach their full potential. Over 90% of the children and families served by our Momentous School and therapeutic services are people of color. Our engagement in this community gives us a special responsibility to not remain silent in the face of inequity.

The Salesmanship Club of Dallas unequivocally stands in solidarity with the Black community and others against racism and injustice. We stand for racial equality and inclusion, and together with Momentous Institute will steadfastly bring experiences that cause racial trauma into the light. We stand with our members, employees, supporters and the children and families we serve who are working peacefully to remove the barriers that the Black community continues to face. We also value and support the overwhelming majority of police who are committed to protecting and serving our community in a just and equitable manner.

The most meaningful action we can take as a transformational organization is to continue to be a force of genuine service – striving to create a better community where people are judged solely by the content of their character. This embodies the heart of the Salesmanship Club of Dallas. We know there is more work to be done by us and by others, and we are committed. We strive to provide an environment that promotes inclusion and values equity for all, where everyone can live and serve side by side with compassion and dignity.


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